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Need to get rid of a small building?
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Demolition of a building or house can be a pricey job when trying to do it yourself. House demolition or building demolition may be a task you can take on yourself but it could end up increasing the costs drastically. Before you do so, here are are some things you need to do, a checklist so to say.

1. Obtain a permit.
2. Check for hazardous materials.
3. Know what to expect in terms of budget.
4. Check with your utility companies.
5. Notify your mortgage lender.
6. Removal of debris.

House demolition or building demolition can be costly but NOT if you use ROOFING4U. Costs include, inspection for hazardous materials, gas and water line shut off and disconnect, permits, excavator rental(IF REQUIRED), waste bin rentals and waste removal.

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